New Apartment? How to Outfit Your Bathroom for $14 (Photo List)

It’s hard moving out for the first time—there are so many household items you’ve taken for granted living with your parents, and it can be overwhelming to stock an entire household by yourself.

Although it may be fun to decorate the living room or pick out dinnerware, there’s one area that nobody wants to spend time or money on: the bathroom. It’s full of things you absolutely need but aren’t fun to shop for.

Fortunately, you don’t have to destroy your budget to get the essentials. Almost everything you need can be purchased at the Dollar Tree for a buck. Your budget bathroom probably won’t be featured on Apartment Therapy, but you’ll be able to have company over without embarrassing yourself.

Plunger & Toilet Brush ($2)
These are absolute necessities. If they start getting gross, you can replace them cheaply, too. I know Marshall’s has artisanal stainless steel toilet brush/plunger combos for $20, but I would feel bad sticking something so expensive in a toilet.
Cleaning Supplies ($3)
You can get the basics here: Comet, gloves, and a scrubber brush. Don’t spend a lot on cleaning supplies, because let’s be honest, you probably won’t clean too much anyways.
Garbage Can ($1)
Dollar Tree garbage cans are pretty tiny,  but they work. Throw an old Walmart bag in it and check it off your list.
Hand Towel ($1)
Okay, so these aren’t spa quality but they’ll keep people from using your bath towel to dry their hands.
Towel Hook ($1)
Speaking of bath towels, you’ll need a place to hang that bad boy. Some apartments may already have hooks, but if yours doesn’t, this over-the-door version is a lot cheaper than a Command hook.
shower curtain rings.png
Shower Curtain & Rings ($2)
Their shower curtains are a little flimsy but they’ll keep water in. If you want to be a Real Adult, you can buy a decorative fabric shower curtain and keep this liner on the inside.
Soap and Toothbrush Holders ($2)
I suppose you could just leave a bar of soap and toothbrush on the sink if you want to save a couple bucks, but these are a cheap alternative.
Storage ($0-2)
I’d recommend some kind of basket to store all the crap on your counter. If your counter is usually covered with eyeliners and brushes, you may also want to get a makeup organizer.  It’s optional, but it will keep the bathroom looking neat.

Did I miss any bathroom necessities? Do you splurge on any of these? Leave your answer in the comments.

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